Hello & Welcome to SpotzCity Corner - #S101



SpotzCity Corner is designed for and by you, today’s entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a lot of things to many people, but the truth of the matter, Entrepreneurship is about FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It can be the vehicle to your financial security, it can be the focus of your dreams. However, it requires a lot of hard work, sheer will, determination, and resources. Quite frankly it’s the latter that causes entrepreneurs the most problems.

What happens when you have an idea, but you don’t know how to start because you don’t have the money? What happens when you have a customer who wants to place a big order, but you don’t have enough inventory to fulfill the request? What is the best payment system software to use for your online store? How do you become a vendor for large corporations, and are you ready to work with them? Where is the most cost-effective place to buy your inventory? When to hire, when to fire? This is why we designed “SpotzCity Corner.” It’s a place where you can come and focus on topics that directly affect your business each and every day. Whether you own a tech startup or running a catering business, if you are a makeup artist, have a marketing company or a car wash, SpotzCity is looking to address your needs.


For decades, members of SpotzCity have owned their own successful small businesses, worked in procurement, and made buying decisions for large organizations. As part of these roles, we have also been working with small business owners to not only advocate for them in the buying process, but to also connect them with the tools that will help them start and grow their businesses. In our professional roles, we have had the opportunity to see the successes and the mistakes of small business owners. So, this forum is designed to help entrepreneurs effectively navigate the pitfalls that can be costly and devastating to their businesses, the ones that can be dream ending. Let’s use this platform to keep one another inspired, motivated, driven, and educated. So, use the knowledge we have, start conversations, ask questions, and send topics to blog about.

Finally, buckle up, because entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride, but it can be the most fulfilling experience if done right. Welcome to 2021 and let’s get going!

If you are ready to have access to more customers, sign up at www.spotzcity.com. SpotzCity is a solution for small business owners to market and grow their businesses. It is a platform where customers and other companies can find and buy your products or utilize your services.

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