How to Manifest Your Vision Board - #S102


Ah, the proverbial vision board, at some point and time in your life, you have probably created one. The vision board is important because it is a visual representation of your aspiration, however, if you want to manifest your vision you need to do more than just look at it, you need to envision living the board. In order to do so, you need to add action to manifesting your dreams. The following are five things you can do to manifest your destiny, and walk-in your purpose.

1.  Believe in something bigger than you

For you, what is that higher power? That purpose that makes you feel that there is something out there that is controlling the universe. Believing in something bigger than you helps you to understand that there are forces in the world that you cannot control and that you need guidance and patience to help you through the bad times and something to give thanks to for the good times. It is equally important to be able to ask for those things that you want, and having faith if it is what’s for you, it will be delivered. Prayer works!

2.   Have confidence in yourself


You will have naysayers, folks who will tell you that you are crazy and that you can’t do it. Who knows, the biggest cynic maybe you. You have to toss those negative thoughts out no matter who from and think positive and walk strong and tall, with the courage of your convictions that you will make this a success. Understand this, in order for this to work, you have to believe it first. You have to know in your core that you can make this happen. Amari Ruff, was once a homeless teenager moving from homeless shelter to homeless shelter with his mother and sister. He had to commute more than 4 hours to school. Now he owns a $20 million-dollar trucking company. Could you imagine the thoughts that were probably going through his head when he was moving forward? My advice to you, even if you can’t shut down that voice in your head, move forward, Do It Anyway!   


3.  Set milestone goals for yourself

There’s nothing better than having a sense of accomplishment. You need to give yourself a list of SMART goals that you can accomplish in short timeframes. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. You know that the big goal is running a successful profitable business, but if you consistently look at it from that perspective sometimes it may become overwhelming. How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, “one bite at a time”. Small goals that are achievable are key and they make you feel as if you are getting things done. Each month do a mini To Do List. Include roughly 10 small measurable goals, that can be accomplished in 30 days. These are things that need to be done for the business or for education related to the business, so they are relevant, and because they are done within the 30 days, they are time sensitive and measurable. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be working on bigger things during that period, but at least you can check off those small incremental items that are important and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the month. P.S. don’t beat yourself up if one or two items have to be placed on next month’s lists. You still got 80% of your action items completed, consider it a success.

4.  Speak life into your goal

Always speak as though it is or will be. If you are starting your business call yourself CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, or whatever leadership role. If you, want your business to be successful financially, talk as though you are running a $X dollar business. Talk of your success and future success. Constantly speak life and breath into your goals. If you continue to speak it, you will begin believing it, if you believe it, you will do it!

5.  Take control of your destiny

Read, attend events, consume everything related to your vision. You must devour every part of your vision. You have to become that which you seek. Ingest it like its nourishment for your soul. The more you think and do the more you will push toward success and remember, “Baby, you got this”.

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Bye for now, until next post!